The Basic Three

When I was first pregnant, the same few things went round in my mind over and over again for a few weeks:

1. What is everyone going to think?
2. What happens next?
3. How am I going to afford all this stuff?

I sat there for days thinking I was gonna be useless and that I would just fail until a very, very long cup of (sugarless!) tea with my mummy guru best friend. She basically gave me all the answers.

1. IGNORE EVERYBODY ELSE!! There is no point worrying! It won’t change anything,but when you feel worried, just remember this amazing fact;. You now have someone to work hard for and really focus on. Don’t drop out of school or give up college as you will just prove these people right and you don’t want to do that.

2. If you’re still at school or college, go and see your head teacher and explain the situation. They will respect that so much and will then become a really good source of support for you while in that environment. It will help you keep on top of your school work so you can get your grades and still go on the higher education in the future. There are ways of staying at school, then switching to home study later on, and then transferring back once you have recovered…Don’t close the door on education.

3. Remember that a lot of people you see walking round with their latest iCandy pushchair or Cot bed with built in nanny (I wish!) have had time to save and will possibly be getting some sort of maternity pay to help with all their costs. As long as you have the vital equipment, then you’re set! Brand names aren’t  guaranty of quality…something you quickly learn in the great world of parenting.

One thing that is brilliant for younger mums and those on a low income, is something called the Surestart maternity grant. This is a one off payment to you of £500 which you can claim before your baby is born so that you can buy the essential bits and pieces. You can also claim fruit, vegetable and milk vouchers to help feed yourself and your baby.

Once you’ve dealt with these three points, everything starts to become a lot less frightening and more relaxed. You start to feel like you have a bit more control and confidence in your life. Until next time….

One thought on “The Basic Three

  1. Love this site. Sites like these provide vital support during your pregnancy and whilst you are raising you child. Should you not be confident to talk to someone face to face it thanks to this that young mums get the advice/guidance they need.


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