Voices of experience.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been getting some really great emails from girls who’ve had their children at young ages, and stated what it was that scared them the most and what they’d wish they’d known. All of these girls speak from many different experiences, yet a lot of their worries and fears are common to them all. I thought it would be good to share a few quotes with people who may be thinking the same things.

“At the beginning, I was most scared of telling my parents so waited 5 months – Help and advice came from my mum” 

Telling your parents can open so many support avenues. Always remember that your parents have been through the process of having a child and at some point, would have been as scared, nervous and excited as you are. Never be afraid to tell them and ask for help.

“I coped with reactions by ignoring the negative comments and people staring”

Best way to deal with this. It’s the same as dealing with bullying. Don’t give people the reaction they want as the stress and upset won’t do you or your baby any good at all.

” Mainly financial side of things like if people told me more about the grants loans or financial help to get with uni or college”

This was a massive problem for me. I was still studying at college so was not entitled to a lot of benefits, but also struggled to find a job because the manager would see I was pregnant and then offer the job to someone else. It wasn’t until my midwife mentioned the Surestart grant and healthy eating vouchers that I even realised they existed. Speak to your midwife on your next visit or pop in to your local health visitor clinic or Job Centre for more info.

“I was most scared about how I was going to cope – As she wasn’t planned, I didn’t think I was capable of raising her”

Again, a thought I faced. I never planned on having children, yet 4 months into a relationship, found myself pregnant. Being able to cope seems to just come naturally to you in the first few weeks of motherhood. You just have to learn as go. My little girl is a year old and I am still learning to do some things! I remember finally getting the hang of making bottles, ready to be used and she started wanting food. I’m sure there are things that our own mums are still learning.

The whole process is a learning adventure. Privacy is a huge thing for the readers of this blog so all quotes will remain anonymous and respected. If you have any questions or stories you think would be helpful to others, feel free to contact me using the details on the contact page.

Until next time…

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