Pregnancy myths: Busted!

As so as you reveal to people you’re expecting, the ever so popular pregnancy myths appear! Here some of the top ones that I heard during my pregnancy:

Don’t sleep on your back, your baby will get hurt
It’s natural to be aware of how you move during pregnancy as you don’t want cause any hurt to your baby, but sleeping on your back won’t do any damage. You may have some nights where you may end up sleeping on your back as it will become more and more difficult to move in the night. If you want to be sure and safe though, it’s recommended that you sleep on your side.
The shape of your bump can reveal your baby’s gender
There are hundreds of different gender myths that come from all over the world and from many different cultures. None of these have been proved to be accurate though. A popular myth here in the UK is that if your bump is high and pointing forward, then they say you’re expecting a boy and the other way round for a girl. The only real way to see is at your 21 week onwards scan. It has been reported though of scans being wrong.
Having sex while pregnant will hurt your baby
If you’re having a normal, complication free pregnancy, then there is no danger at all from having the odd bit of sex here and there. It is recommended though that if your pregnancy is high risk or you have suffered previous complications, avoid sex. This is a personal choice though.
You shouldn’t exercise while pregnant
You shouldn’t be doing heavy, strenuous exercise, but there are a whole range of exercise you can do while pregnant. Local gyms and health centres usually offer some form of fitness class designed specifically for pregnant women. Exercising while pregnant can be beneficial and help you cope with things such as back pain later on in pregnancy.
Morning sickness is a good sign
There is no proof between morning sickness and a healthy child. There are some women who will have horrendous morning sickness which could leave them stuck at home in bed for days, then on the other hand, there are some women, who will have no morning sickness at all. It depends on the individual.
Until next time…

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