Style yourself better!

Feeling sick, run down and sleepy are all major elements of pregnancy, right from day 1 through till…well…forever really! You’ll still be tired once baby is here, just for different reasons, but there are ways to make you feel a lot better.
Pregnancy is a brilliant excuse for a new wardrobe. It can make you feel more comfortable, relaxed and a bit brighter. It can also help with how you feel people are looking at you. If you feel more confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, then you can sometimes feel less worried about what other people may be seeing. One main point to remember though is by purchasing a few key items, your new wardrobe will see you right through your pregnancy.
Leggings where my main clothing item. I tried on some maternity jeans from different shops, but didn’t like the way they fitted on me. I resorted to buying two pairs of cheap leggings. The trick was to buy one a size bigger than i normally needed, and another pair two sizes bigger than my normal size. This meant that I had room to accommodate my grown bump, but also, would have a pair of loose-fitting bottoms to wear after the birth. Shop around. Cheap leggings will do the job fine. If you’re worried about them being see-through, then you can always match them with a long shirt/ jumper to cover yourself a little. I found mine in a local store for about £3 each.
Jumpers/ shirts
This depends entirely on when your due date is. My little girl was a September baby, so found my self having to dress my bump in the summer during a heat wave. I found out that I was pregnant in the January, so a lot of shops were still selling thin, summer shirts on their sale racks. I bought three, off the shoulder shirts, two sizes bigger than i normally needed. This helped me conceal my bump for a while in the early stages, yet didn’t feel tight and didn’t make me sweat so much in the summer. If you’re dressing your bump for winter, then the same applies but by slightly thicker clothes in case of bad weather. With tops, always try them on in the store first as they may fit differently depending on style.
Flat shoes
I’m a girl who, pre-pregnancy, lived in her high heels. I soon learnt that was no longer the case! Invest in a pair of long-lasting, flat, sensible shoes. When walking in heels, you tend to arch your back, which during pregnancy, can give you sever back ache and muscle problems. Buying a good pair of flat shoes, you can really help to eliminate so of this pain and will also be able to walk a lot further before getting our of breath!
Maternity Underwear
Maternity bras are a brilliant investment. They are designed to grow with your body. They are also really good for support after the birth when your body will once again, start to change. The best ones that I found came from Mothercare. They were quite pricy, but worth the investment. I also recommend buying some plain, cheap knicker shorts. They are a lot more comfortable than briefs and sit on a nicer line around the base of your bump.
Nursing bra set from Mothercare.
Nursing bra set from Mothercare.
A key rule for all of this is pick a budget and stick to it! Walking into local stores is good as you can see what you’re buying and can try it on, but you can also find some really good deals online. Shop around and search around.
Until next time…

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