The Perfect Pushchair

iCandy, Bugaboo, Quinny. Travel system, pop stroller, pram…. there are so many brands and styles to choose from, then what model? colour? Do I really need this? and the list goes on and on. Finding that perfect pushchair the toughest thing to do because it can be a big investment and also has such a large effect on how easy traveling with a baby can be.

Travel Systems – Suitable from birth+
Travel systems are a great investment. The idea of the travel system is that they are compatible with car seat. This means the car seat click on top of the pushchair via things such as adapters or a click system so that it’s easier for you to transfer baby from car to pushchair. There are some really budget friendly travel systems. One example is the Joie Juva travel system. It costs on average £99 (depending on where you buy it of course) and has a light weight, compact pushchair compatible with the Juva car seat. The car seat is normally included with this product but is mostly sold separately. Most travel systems come with adapters compatible with Maxi Cosi car seats (Sold separately).
Double Pushchairs – Suitable from between birth and 6 months (see specific product description)
Double pushchairs are a great option if you’re expecting twins or already have one young child. They tend to be more expensive as they are bigger. There are two basic options really when buying a double pushchair:
1- Expandable single pushchair. Top of the range pushchairs such as iCandy’s and Buaboo’s come with options to transform a single pushchair into a double with special attachments. The Bugaboo Donkey (prince range anywhere up to £900), is a single pushchair which can be opened up in to a double, and then back again. iCandy sell adapters which add-on an extra seat unit position underneath near the basket.
2- Side by side – These look like two single pushchairs stuck together, next to each other. They are a much cheaper option, but not all are suitable from birth so double checking the specifications first on your chosen model is crucial!
Umbrella fold – Birth/ 6 months
These can be so much cheaper compared to the other types available. There are some umbrella fold pushchairs which cost as little as £30. As before, they are not all suitable from birth. One friend of mine tackled this problem by purchasing a cheap baby sling. This cost her around £15-£20 but they can be bought cheaply second-hand, and used this to carry her baby around for the first 3-4 months, then moved to this type of pushchair. In total she only spent about £50 which is a great saving.
I personally have a Joie Chrome which I find does everything that and iCandy does, but I got for more than half the price. A lot of my friends have the Maclaren strollers. It really does depend on what you’re doing and how you travel, but most of all what’s comfortable. I highly recommend going into to a shop like Mothercare with a shortlist of the ones you like, the try them out before buying. The staff know a lot more about each pushchair from its specifications and customer reviews and can answer a lot of your questions.
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