This week, we took Lily to get her first pair of shoes. These were her firsts, professionally fitted shoes and I found I had a small tear running down my cheek. Why was I crying about a pair of shoes?! I quickly realised that It meant she was now in her ‘toddler years’ and my tiny little baby was definitely gone. It signed the start of more fun by running around at the park and walks in to town. It was magical! I then realised I now need to head to the shops to buy some stair gates and other gadgets to stop her getting in to too much trouble.

It all made me rethink a lot of her firsts over the last year. When she got her first tooth (21/06/2014), when she first said ‘dada’ (which is now all she says!), the first time she crawled, pulled her self up, held a cup and on and on and on. There are so many! It showed me how much time actually does fly.

Writing this post I realised I haven’t documented some of these things. Always write down when your child did these things and how amazed you were. I wish I had with all of them. I have loads of photos of her standing and holding things, but I wish I had a picture of her with just one lonely tooth poking out! If I’m an emotional wreck over a pair of shoes, can’t wait to see how emotional I get over the first day of school!

Until next time…

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