The one where you watched one born every minute

“Can you please just watch it? It’s not that hard, it’s just a tv show”…Why did i say that!

When I was about 4-5 months pregnant, I was sat at home on my own and I had been reading a pile of leaflets and information sheets that the midwife had given me. One of these was aimed at men, encouraging them to find out more about what happens during labour so that they’re also prepared for what happens. So me being me, I called up my boyfriend and told him to put channel 4 on in 10 minuets to watch the show. I said how it wasn’t that scary and it would be fine. I was wrong. I was so not okay after watching it!

It had women screaming and lots of other things that I’ve tried so hard to forget. I ended up having to call him because I was the one that was horrified. It did help me though in a way. I set out watching it so the my boyfriend didn’t have to watch it alone, even though he was staying somewhere else, but I am so glad I did.

Up until then, I had constantly been told different things from the midwife and women who have already been through it about what to expect and do and I was confused beyond belief. This, however, really showed me the different options. When  you go to see your midwife, they don’t want you to get stressed and upset, so only really tend to tell you about what to expect if things go to plan, but one born every minuet shows you every eventuality, and I mean EVERY one.

The episode I watched had three women all with totally different experiences. The first had the most straight forward, no pain relief and her husband there for support, the second women was there having a planned c-section which she was a bit nervous about and the final women, had the most horrible time. She was there for about 30 hours with things going slow and wrong and you just felt for her.

The show portrays every type of eventuality, so it opens your mind to answering questions you didn’t realise you needed to ask. It also shows you the honest experiences of labour…not what a textbook has told someone to say. I would highly recommend watching it if your still unsure and nervous about the different options out there and if you don’t want to, then ask someone to watch with you and just hold your hand a bit.

Until next time…

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