Me, Myself and I

Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter more than anything, but there are some days where all I want is a hot cup of tea! Having some ‘me time’ has been a life saver some days during pregnancy and motherhood, even if it’s just for half an hour while somebody takes Lily for a walk. Make the most of your ‘me time’ by trying some of the following:

1- Sleep, sleep and more sleep! I’m really lucky as my daughter spends a whole day with her granddad each week and most of this day is normally spent in bed (well used to…it’s now spent reading endless amounts of work for uni!). Even if you can’t get to sleep, just relaxing in bed with a good DVD can help so much.

2- Have a bath. Take some time to run a nice, hot bath and chill out in there for a while with a cup of tea. You could also treat yourself to some bath bombs, candles, anything really to help you relax more and feel a little more human again! This also helps with a lot of the muscle pain you can experience during pregnancy.
Relaxing picnic in the summer sun 2014
3- Retail therapy. Every girl loves a bit of retail therapy. Ask someone to babysit or if you’re pregnant, block out a few hours in a day, write a list of things you may still need, take a trip into town and get it all done with no one there to stress you out. You can also grab some to eat and drink and just take some quiet time.

4-Salon trip. Getting your hair done, nails done or getting a massage can be great. There are some specifically designed for pregnant women to help the areas that suffer the most strain. Getting a new hair style, freshening up your nails can help make you feel a little bit more presentable to world, as you can have days were you feel you look like you’ve been living in a dustbin!

Always make sure you get time to yourself to wind down, relax and just calm down, even if it isn’t for that long of a time period, it will still help so much.
Until next time…

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