Books and babies

“It’s so nice to see a child with a book for a change instead of some silly toy. It’s lovely you encourage her”

Today I took my daughter to a sing along session at out local library and while waiting for my bus home, a very kind lady said this to me which really made my day. It made me think about how I always take Lily on trips to the library. I’ve been taking her on regular trips to the library since she was about three months old.

Our local library doubles up as a free museum so it was always just as something to do. Each week I would also get her a baby book. I know she can’t read, I just thought they were nice for her to look at. Anyway, as time has gone on, she has become more and more interested in books. We have a large basket of books in our living room and she loves getting the all out, turning all the pages and then putting them back (whatever keeps her happy!).

I’ve always believed in encouraging her interaction with books as I was never really interested in them as a child and regret it now as I am required to read a lot as part of my university course. I would highly recommend young parents to join the local library. Registering for a library card is free so the whole process ends up being more cost efficient than buying toys. I used to hate buying loads of toys for Lily, as she would get bored within a couple of weeks and I’d end up buying more and so on. With my library card, I can get her a couple of different books every week and save a ton of money in the process.


There has been research into the development of reading and it shows that children who are read to as children and are allowed to explore books from a young age, go on to be much stronger readers through school and into adulthood. When you go to register your baby’s birth, you’ll be given a bookstore book bag. It has information in about encouraging reading and also a book for your child to keep. You can also read more about Bookstore online at As I said previously, I take Lily to a sing along session at my library (which is again free) and it’s a brilliant way of just getting out the house and talking to people so see if your local library has anything similar for you.

If you live in a small village and find it hard to get out, the look online and see if the mobile library stops near you. They aren’t able to provide baby groups, but it’s a brilliant way to get hold of books for your child and yourself.

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