That time of year.

That time of year has come… yes, every child is catching some sort of virus, tummy bug or general cough!

For the past few days, Lily has had a cough and now a tummy bug. It’s the first time she’s really been ill. Last winter, she was a tiny baby so would just sit there and grunt a bit if she felt ill, but this year, oh no…she has her voice and she knows how to use it. I have never heard her cry so much and to just be so generally grumpy. It’s like having a different child sometimes.

It has also opened up the floodgates of baby illness advice from a range of people in my life. Some of them sound a bit odd, but have seemed to work. I think the best one has been that if your baby has a cold, rub some vix on the bottom of their foot before bed time, cover it with a sock and the fumes help get rid of the cold. This wasn’t a great cure, but it did seem to really unblock Lily’s nose! I was amazed as I must admit, I heard it and thought “really, are you kidding me?” showed me I should really listen to some advice sometimes.

Another bit of really useful advice, was to let Lily play in the bath. The fumes helped her body feel less blocked up, and she was happy to just splash away. It also kept her warm as well as she was feeling quite cold.

The scariest thing though, was that I realised I had no idea what signs to look for in her to show a serious illness. I found loving on to the NHS website really helpful, even just to swat up on some basic, illness in children facts. There were quite a few but the key ones were:

1. Temperature above 38C for babies under 3 months and 39C for those over, can show signs of serious infection.

2. In young children, a severely bulging or sunken fontanelle (soft spot on their head)

3. Going for more than 8 hours without drinking anything

4. High pitched and/or continuous crying.

There are some more points available to read and are really worth reading and learning. You can find them on the NHS webpage (available through the useful things page)

Until next time…

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