Stocking Fillers 101

This year is the first year of had to find things to gone in Lily’s christmas stocking and it’s been a bit of a hard task. It was trying to find a balance of not spending too much and what can fit in the stocking. I think the trick is to find small, cheap things which your child will enjoy playing with, but will also stand the test of time, especially once they learn to throw. One friend suggested by a huge mail sack bag and filling that, but to me that seemed a little bit extreme for a one year old.

Here are a few things I bought which I think do the job quite nicely.
Play dough cutter set
This little gift set comes with a pot of dough and a selection of snapped cutter, similar to those you use when making cookies. It came in a small, plastic box (which will probably be a better attraction come christmas day). It wasn’t made by the brand Play-dough, but is extremely similar which I found in a small shop where I live. I thought this would make an ideal little toy as it’s small, easy to open and she doesn’t have anything like it already.
Bath Crayons
These bath crayons look like normal colouring crayons, but wipe off surfaces more easily. They came in a set of about 4-5 different colours and I bought them to try to make bath time more fun. They also great for helping your little one learn how to coordinate their hand movements with what they want to do and to also help them learn to have some control over their hands too. These cost £2 from Wilkinsons. 
Recorder and Tambourine
Lily loves singing along to nursery rhymes so I thought musical instruments may make it more fun. They two things came as a set and aren’t small. They are ‘normal’ sized and cost only a £1 for the set in Poundland. All children love some sort of noise so this seemed like a brilliant idea. It’s also fun for adults too so may get everyone playing along. 
Bath time Buddies Soapy Foam
This was bought more for my curiosity if i’m truly honest! It advertises its self as a mouldable foam that s safe for your child to play with in the bath. It can be moulded into any shape will simply wash away with the bath water once you’re done. This sounds like it could be the best bath time fun for us. For £1.50, i thought curiosity can have the better of me this time.
I haven’t spent a great deal on these things. The main thing I wanted was that they have a fun element about them as I want Lily to have fun at christmas. If you find any good retailers, email them to me via the Contact Details and I can add them to the blog.
Until next time
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