Free Fun!

Children need a serious amount of entertaining. One activity can sometimes last them hours whereas another will only last 5 minuets and this can sometimes start to cost a fortune. Here are a few ways to keep your child entertained and out of trouble for free!

Collection Walk
Taking a walk round your local area, especially the park can be fun. You can make an iSpy list before hand, then go searching for all the items on your list. This can also be a great way of keeping your children occupied while you get your shopping done. Another activity for a walk could be to collect different types of leaves and flowers for a scrap-book type picture as a record of the activity.
Recycling Crafts

Save up all your old cereal boxes, tin cans, drinks bottles and so on and they can be used to make loads of different things. One example is making binoculars out of old toilet roll cardboard. all you need is some rolls, tape and maybe a few different coloured pens. It’s also a really good way to help improve your child’s fine motor skills so that they can then start to do more complex actions with their hands. A really good way to get ideas is to watch TV shows like Mister Maker on CBeebies (or online if you don’t have the channel). His crafts are usually made up from bits you can find around your home.
Old one but a good one. The local park is a brilliant way of just using up your child’s energy and it’s a great way to get them to exercise. The fresh air and running around will do wonders for their health and may also lead to a little nap time later on in the day for you to relax in. It can also be a brilliant way of letting your child learn how to socialise and share as the majority of the time, other children of various ages will be there and will also allow you to may be meet more mums in the area.
Fun activities don’t have to be expensive and can still be fun! Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Free Fun!

  1. Being a primary teacher as well as a home educator I love recycling bit to make crafts. it is great fun for all involved. It definitely highlights the fact that there are many ways to have fun without it being costly. Thanks for sharing on the #bigfatlinky


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