Step by step…

November 29th 2014

This date will be engraved in my memory forever. Lily took her fist steps unaided! Yes it was only three or four of them, but she did it. She’s been so close for weeks now, even the staff at her nursery have been saying they expect her to juts do it soon. What made it more magical though was that she had a very big audience! she had her dad, myself and my parents and sister…meaning a lot of mad screams and shouts of joy. I wrote blog a while back about how you should capture every moment as I had missed a few keys ones of Lily’s, but this time my camera was ready and I now have a gorgeous video to look at over and over again.

The challenge now though is ‘how do I encourage her to keep going?’ Everybody is suggesting different things. One person has said to keep making her walk around the house and out at the local park, while someone else suggested that we just practice letting her walk between us for a little while longer. One thing that I think has helped though is her shoes. It’s so important to make sure your child has properly fitted shoes. The shoes she has are cruisers by Clarks. They’re study, but have a soft sole so that she still learns to balance and feel through her feet. IMG_1716

The Clarks first shoes experience was wonderful for us. They talk you through how shoes should be measured, how to tell if they’re too small and create a lovely photo for you to take home of the experience. I mentioned it a few weeks back when we first got them fitted. Her walking has improved at such a fast rate, she even tried to walk off in the shop!

For more information head over to their webpage

Until next time…


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