This week I saw a very appropriate FB picture for my life right now!   1508127_462303807206904_471773003_n

I had a really strong group of friends before I got pregnant and as time went on, I slowly found that they all started disappearing. It was heartbreaking. I’d been with these girls at college for two years and loved them After I had my daughter, I slowly met a lot of other mums in my area and they were lovely and I really did click with them.

I met one person in particular who was an amazing friend. She helped me with what I should be encouraging my little girl to do and what she should be eating etc. really useful advice and I could tell her anything. Fast forward to 2014 and so much changed. We fell out and we just couldn’t get it back. There was just no communication at all. I had started university and she had done other things. We started walking down different paths.

I missed her a lot, but I learnt one of the most important thing about being a mum: You have to keep things peaceful for your child. My daughter’s life should never be effected because of something with a friend of mine. I guess the advice for this blog is to just appreciate those who are around, and if someone does disappear from your life, don’t worry. People come and go, but your children are forever and that’s the relationship you need to focus on the most. Until next time…

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