Christmas Spirit!

With the christmas holidays nearly here, children will be full of excitement waiting for the big day. Here are three things you could all do together as a family to get as much enjoyment and family memories out of that excitement.

Meet Santa
Children love visiting Santa, it makes christmas that little bit more special. The enjoyment of getting to tell the man himself what they want for christmas is priceless. There are some Santa grottos which will give you a picture from the moment for a small charge and most will have a small present from the visit for your child as a special memento. It can also help parents find out what their child is hoping for if they’re struggling with present ideas!


Christmas Lights
Most towns will be having some sort of event to celebrate the switching on of their christmas lights. This is a great way to get out of the house and really get involved in the local christmas spirit. Some towns and cities will also have a variety of rides and stalls for everyone to browse around so you may even find a few last minuet bargains. If you missed your local event, why not take a drive or walk around the area with your children to look at the lights people put on their houses. It can be made into a great little adventure.

The What’s On page on the net mums website is a brilliant way of seeing what events are on in your area.

Christmas movie night
If going out in the cold isn’t your idea of fun, why not try a movie night at home. Snuggling up and some blankets, in your PJs with a bowl of popcorn can be just what you need. There are hundreds of classic christmas films from the traditional White Christmas to the fun Home Alone series. You can normally find a lot of christmas films for a good price on sites such as eBay. Sometimes, christmas movie channels appear on services such as Sky and Virgin around this time of year. On some occasions, this happens on Freeview too, so scroll through you TV guide and check.

Until next time…

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