Terrible Tantrums

This week, Lily has her “Terrible Twos” at the age of one! For someone normally well behaved, she has been very sulky. If things don’t go her way, she will climb on you and hug you, or throw herself onto the floor, until you say yes.

It’s been quite hard keeping up with her so thought I’d have a quick google about what to do with early tantrums. What I found for the first few entries was useless. They all suggested tell them why they’re in trouble or put them in their cot for timeout. Now this may very well work for a two year old, but she’s one. I could tell her what she has done wrong but I don’t think she would understand what I was saying.

After scrolling through pages of advice, I found the following quite useful:

Be Consistent;
What ever method you choose to discipline your child, be constant with it, otherwise they’ll just get confused. By using the same method each time, your child will recognise the pattern and start to realise that if they do something wrong, you’ll be upset and that they will be punished for what they’ve done.

The ‘Naughty Step’;
An old but favourite with parents. You have a specific step or seat in your home reserved for naughty children. I tried this, she didn’t understand to sit still and it caused more trouble than it solved. I think this method is a lot better for older children (20+ months.)
Just Say No;
This has worked quite well for me. When Lily first started crawling about, we had so many problems of her playing with things she shouldn’t and going in the kitchen. After a few weeks of telling her ‘no’ every time she went in the kitchen, she no longer goes near there. We had the same issue with our DVD cabinet, not once has she pulled the DVDs out as we’ve always said ‘no’ before she has a chance to do it.

Don’t Use It Too Much;
Consistency is key, but you can’t just tell your child off for everything. Keep it in moderation. There are some situations where just showing your child what was wrong can help like throwing toys. The first couple of times, just say no, this is how you play with it. If it then carries on, go forward with the punishment.

Just keep on trying.
Until next time…

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