Christingle Party

This weekend me and Lily were invited to a local Christingle party at the local baptist church by some friends. They said to come along with Lily and there would be some things for her to do and play with and thought it would be a fun thing for her to do.

I felt a bit nervous before going as I had never been there before and felt with it being a church, everyone else would know each other but everyone made us feel so welcome! We were shown to the arts and crafts table which was full of things to do. The group were asked to make themselves a Christmas crown. Lily loved all the sparkles. There were things everywhere and she was amazed. It was also Lily’s first experience with a glue stick which was fun, especially for me when she couldn’t figure out why everything was stuck to her hands.


We then split into groups which was brilliant, it gave me a chance to talk to people I hadn’t met before and it was really interesting. As a group, we had to dress one of us up as a Christmas tree for a small fashion parade. This was hilarious! It was so much fun. we cut a piece of green cloth into a poncho for the girls to wear, a start tiara out of tin foil and hung decorations everywhere…She looked very Christmassy indeed.

Next, we really got down to the Christmas stuff. The organisers read out the nativity story and all the children got to play a small part and for the younger ones like Lily, it was a lovely scene to watch. The children were given outfits to wear as the various parts and they were all so keen to join in. After we made the Christingle oranges, just like we used to at school. What I loved most was that after this, they explained exactly what the orange symbolises, as this is something I don’t think I learnt at school!

It was an amazing afternoon which everyone enjoyed.

I really encourage everyone to see what children’s event their local churches have available. It was such a nice environment with a warm welcome and I can’t wait for the next one!

Until next time…
10355006_10100182603126511_4816547377674787078_n  IMG_1892

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