Memory Book

After being diagnosed with PND, I spent some of my time a different groups, spending time with Lily around other people who had been through the same. I met one women who said that when she was alone at home with her baby, she would help pass the time by creating a memory book for them.

I thought, why not give it a try. I went down to my local Paperchase store and bought blank scrap book. It was just a plain black one with a blank cover. I also downloaded an app onto my phone called FreePrints ( I have this on iPhone so not sure if it’s on Android/ Windows). It allows you a certain number of free prints of your photos each month and you only need to pay about £3 postage.

To really make the book look pretty, I went down to Poundland and Wilkinsons and bought some little bits and pieces such as stickers, numbers, letters etc. I also found some of Lily’s old hospital bits. I added one of her name tags to the book, one of her red book labels and some cards that people had sent us.

IMG_1940                                                 IMG_1941
I found this so helpful, it reminded me of all the little things I had done with Lily and showed me just how much she had grown in such a small space of time. I was amazed at how much I had done with her, as at the time I felt like I hadn’t really done anything with her except moan.

I still add to the book now. I’m waiting on the next delivery of photos from her 1st birthday, starting nursery and some days out that with had. It really is a nice, relaxing thing to do. I’m planing to give it to Lily when she’s older so she can see what we’ve done.

Until next time…

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