Count The Kicks

I have a few friends who have unfortunately lost their babies. It’s a heartbreaking time to watch the feel that way.

The majority of stillbirths within the UK, have a chance of being prevented and a charity I recently came across is aiming to give families and their unborn babies that chance. Count The Kicks aims to give mothers knowledge about what their baby’s movements mean for their well being. The organisation was set up in 2009 by a woman called Sophia Wyatt after her daughter was born stillborn.

The charity states that “while there isn’t one solution to reducing stillbirth, a decrease in fetal movement is a key warning sign that the baby is struggling in the womb and early delivery could save nearly a third of stillborn babies”.

What are they doing?

On their webpage, , there are lots of different sections relating to the matter.They have dedicated pages for mums and dads, along with pages about professional guidelines in the UK and what to do if you experience reduced movements during your pregnancy. The site is also a brilliant way to get some of the questions answered that every pregnant woman will ask at some point in her pregnancy such as, When will I feel my baby move? and How often should your baby move? They also explain in an easy to understand way why movement is important.

I think a key section here is about when to call your midwife. The organisation list a good amount of points as to when to call your midwife for example if your baby’s movement pattern changes and if your vision becomes blurred.


The part of the charity that really brings the issue to life though is Sophia telling her story. On the webpage there is a section titled “Chloe’s Story” all about Sophia’s experience. It made for heartbreaking reading and gave me a really connection with her as a reader, mother and now supporter of the charity. I wasn’t sure if I could carry on reading until I noticed the next section. This was titled “George’s Story”. George is Chloe’s younger brother who is now living a happy life with his parents.

To read such different stories and experiences from one person really got my emotions spinning.

Reduced movements is something every mother should be aware of. If alerted to your midwife straight away, things could be solved. The charity have an online shop to help mothers count their kicks. The sell a rubber wrist band with a counter on to help you keep track of movements throughout the day. You can view the online shop through this link:

Until next time…

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