Teething Tricks

Teething is one of longest processes. Your child’s teeth will start to appear anywhere between the ages 4 months and 12 months old. Most children will have all their milk teeth by the time they are 2 1/2 years old.

Teething can be really painful and irritating for some children, especially at the start of the process when it’s new and scary. Over the years, parents have come up with a whole range of solutions to help minimise this pain so both parents and child don’t get too stressed and exhausted.

When Lily started teething, I spent hours looking through the internet for solutions and found a few helpful remedies.

  1. Cold water soother
On some soothers, the plastic part that your child sucks on can hold water. If you squeeze it then let go with it under the water, this will fill up. I would then put it in the fridge making the water really cold by bed time. This helps to num the gums so that your baby can get a bit of relief and, at night, drift of to sleep. I found this worked best with MAM soothers. This method also works with some teething rings.
  1. Medication
The ever favourite for mums, Calpol and other baby medicine, has proved a good solution to pain, but only really from he age of 9months+. Before this age, I personally found it really hard to give it to Lily as she would just spit it out and it would get stuck over everything. This is a later solution I feel, but still a useful one. This can easily be found in your local pharmacy, Tesco or Boots store. Remember to check the age guide on the packet though as there are specific types for different ages.
  1. Cold snacks
Cold snacks such a yogurt and fruit can work well. Some children are put of eating when they’re teething so this can be a solution to two problems. The cold will num the pain and the biting will help break the gums so the teeth can get through quicker.
  1. Teething pegs
When Lily started teething, a friend of mine gave me something called “bickiepegs”. This was a really tough, biscuit type snack which encouraged your baby to keep chewing so that their gums would soften and break to let the teeth through. I found these amazing. Lily would sit there for a long time just chewing on them and to would stop her crying the majority of the time. You can find them in stores such as Boots and Tesco in the pharmacy department.
There are so many different methods that parents have come up with. I found loads of methods by typing ‘teething solutions’ into Google and by also searching on mood bard sites such as Pinterest. Hope this helps some of you thought the stress of teething!
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