Royal Robes

This week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released some ultra cute new photos of prince George. This mini royal has become a little fashion star in his own right and the new pictures certainly didn’t disappoint.

He can be seen wearing a pullover sweatshirt from the very popular British brand Cath Kidston and is £16 and fittingly features a stitched pattern of royal guards. George can also been seen wearing a white polo shirt (most likely a body suit) which is believed to be from Polarn O. Pyret which can be found in John Lewis from around £12

His adorable little shorts can be found in Amaia Kids which is located in Chelsea Green, London and are rumoured to be around £36. The store is also the place from which the princes socks have come from costing £7. Finally, he is wearing a pair of Start-Rite Jo First Walking Shoes which really round off the outfit.

The majority of this outfit comes from popular, British high street stores which reflects the modern attitude the couple are said to have towards their parenting style. It also helps give the economy a great, big boost and highlights some of our best fashion businesses

Many parents, especially those with sons, have been taking lead from how the Duke and Duchess dress their eldest child. In the past, outfits worn by the young prince have sold out within hours of being seen on him.

Until next time…
Prince George

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