Nappy Know How

Over the past 15 months, I have tried a range of different nappies trying to find the ones that work well for Lily.

They all advertise themselves as these miraculous, ultra absorbent wonder machines, but do they live up to the expectations? Here is what I have found…

Boots own brand
These were really cheap. I bought these as I thought it may save me some money and also they fitted Lily really well. She was a long, skinny baby and these fitted around her body well. The only downside was they just couldn’t absorb much liquid. I had a few days in a row where after a couple of hours, Lily’s clothes would be soaked as they just couldn’t handle the amount on liquid. The worst incident was when she a had a very leaky bottom and a few outfits ended up being thrown away.
Positive point – Not very expensive.
Negative point – Have to change them a lot.
I bought these as they were on special offer. A lot of other mums I know use Pampers and the nursery Lily attends uses them. During the day they are fantastic! There haven’t been any leaks and they stay on tightly even when she is moving around a lot. They live up to their adverts claims over being able to absorb an extreme amount of liquid, but this is where our problem is with them. Lily has always been a good sleeper, but when we started using Pampers, she started waking up in the night. After a few days of trying to figure out why, we realised that she was just uncomfortable in the nappy. Where they had filled so much while she slept, the nappy had bulged and it irritated her. She used to sleep through the night but with this problem, she was waking a couple of times a night.
Positive point – really absorbent which works well on long journeys.
Negative point – Disturbed my daughters sleep.
Asda’s little angels
These have been really good for us also. The sizing seems to be a bit out but I have managed to find a sizes that’s a good fit (5). They absorb quite a lot of liquid like the Pampers ones, but they keep their shape so that Lily doesn’t get irritated. The one down point I have found with these is that the sticky tabs for doing the nappy up, sometimes snap off when putting them on your child which makes the nappy useless.
Positive point – last through the night
Negative point – tabs are a bit rubbish.
Hope this is helpful to you all. Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Nappy Know How

  1. Great post and definitely highlights the options available for parents who are looking and trying to make a decision on what suits. We stuck with pampers. However, like you, they didn’t help through the night. They do take a lot but can cause an uncomfortable sleep. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky


  2. Nappies seem to be such a personal choice. We only use one brand and on the occasions we have had to use another we have really been unhappy with them, yet others rave about them. whatever suits you and yours i guess! Thanks for sharing this and for linking up #bigfatlinky


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