Salute for single parents!

The past couple of weeks, Lily’s dad has been working away from home. He usually leaves for work early and comes back late, but at least he comes back and the helps with a few things. Without him here, I think I have moaned about everything from not getting the washing up done to having the equivalent of Everest in laundry!

I sat down the other night after a huge moan to a friend of mine and suddenly realised, hundreds of men and woman bring up their children on their own, not just within the UK, but all over the world.
They do all the child related things like cooking dinner, play dates, smelly nappies, sick days…all of it and on top of that, go to work, earn the money, pay the bills and run the house. How do they do it? When i’m here on my own, I can barely get through breakfast without some sort of disaster. This made me think, what support is there for single parents?
When looking, I came across Gingerbread. This is a charity which offers supports on every possible aspect of single parenting from childcare to employability. They had a lot of information relating to managing money. They have information on what benefits single parents can claim and how to sort child maintenance payments from your child’s mother or father (depends on your situation).
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 19.20.43
They also had a section which could be useful to every one called ‘Making ends meet’. It had some really good fact sheets included in the section about getting the most out of your income and money saving tips so that you only spend what you need to. Gingerbread really is worth taking a look at. They offer support from the early stages of single parenthood with advice on what to do after your relationship breaks down and the what to do as time goes on.
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 19.25.17
Take a look at their webpage for more information –
Until next time…

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