Storage Wars

Toys! Where are you meant to keep these? Over the past year Lily has gathered quite the collection of toys, which has created the fun challenge of how to store them. I’m one of those people who like to just scroll through their Facebook newsfeed when there isn’t a lot else to do and found a conversation on a local parents group page. The conversation started with a picture someone had posted of their living room which was just over run with toys. They were asking everyone how they stored their children’s toys and some of the solutions where really good and I thought I’d share a few of them.

Trays or buckets
One person posted a photo of a shelf type unit that they have in their house which has sliding boxes. The person has then labeled each box with what goes in there. I recently saw some similar items in Ikea. These where all quite simple but effective in the war on toy storage. The price of these depended highly on how many boxes were including with prices ranging anywhere from £30 upwards. I think it just depends on what you need and have room for.
TROTS Ikea £53
These are large, trunk type solution which come in a range of designs and are available in many shops, for example Argos. The aspect I like the most about these is that they don’t look like toy boxes. They can come in leather effects which can really work with design of the room and also act as extra seating when you have a lot of family and friends around.
Argos £49.99
I have a storage basket in my living room for some of Lily’s toys. I put all of her favourite toys in here while I keep her larger toys in her wardrobe. I’m not a fan of children playing alone on their bedrooms so this is a great way to get her to play out in a communal area used by the family and visitors. The basket I have for Lily’s toys came from Tiger which is a really fun shop to go in with some really good children’s items as well as other things and it only cost about £3.
Until next time..

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