The Second First Christmas

Before I had lily, I was the world’s biggest Grinch. I just didn’t really see the point. Last year, Lily was only a few months old when it came around to christmas, so it was a bit pointless doing the whole christmas thing such as stockings.

This year, we got a second chance at it! Lily is 15 months old this time so while she still doesn’t understand Christmas, she noticed that something was going on. It was really nice to be able to do all the things with her that I did with my parents when I was little. We went to church and because she was good, she got a present on Christmas eve, she sat with us all to open our presents but the best part was she was able to eat Christmas dinner. We had a full roast dinner with everything. It was nice to have her join us at the table and see what was going on.

10403354_10153507457589768_1607989689828685646_n                    10416595_10153507455574768_6239080466452535721_n
I think overall though, it was lovely to see how many people came round to see her over the holidays. They also bought her some very fun and wonderful presents (some of which will feature in later blogs I fear!) which have been fun for everyone!
Happy Christmas and New Year!
Until next year….
10425180_10153507458094768_2959921141715789723_n            10401945_10152919388844017_8540740365647384608_n

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