Tremendous Trunki!

All hail the tremendous Trunki
Lily received a Trunki for christmas as a present from some close family friends. Now before they suggested one, I had no idea what these were. I had to look up a picture of one to have some sort of idea as to what it was. The description I found basically outlined it as a brightly painted, suitcase on wheels for children.

Lily’s Moshi Monsters Trunki
It is this on a simple level, but I had no idea how much fun one child could get out of a suitcase. It comes with two handles attached to it as well as an extra shoulder strap which can be attached via some clips. The shoulder strap also has a plastic key attached to it so that the case can be locked making it suitable for international travel,

 Lily has used it mainly as a ride on toy. She can’t quite reach the floor yet without sliding to one side, but loves it when someone pulls it along for her… She finds it hilarious.

It’s also acted as some really hand extra storage. We’ve spent Christmas at my parents house, I haven’t had the normal storage for all of Lily’s toys and this has helped beyond belief!
IMG_2173                          IMG_2174
I am surprised though just how much stuff will fit into it. Right now, it has a playmat, complete In The Night Garden figure set, a load of car track, play dough pots, play dough cutters, magnetic drawing pad and a Brio train set packed away into it. Most of her toy boxes would have given up by now.
There are a lot of places selling these in their New Year sales so I definitely suggest going out and taking a look at them!
Until next time…

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