New year, new challenges

This week has been known in our house as ‘back to normal week’. Lily has started back at nursery, the new uni term has started and Matt is finally home from working over the holidays.

Since Lily has learnt to walk on her own more confidently, it’s all she wants to do to a point where she sulks as soon as she’s sat in a highchair or her pushchair. I now also have a huge problem with her playing with doors. She can’t reach the handle, but if it’s open, pulls it and pushes it nearly catching her fingers in there.

This has got me researching some ways of keeping her safe, but still allowing her to explore and walk about.

Walking harness
These are probably the most common way of letting your child walk around and explore went out of the house. It can easily be put on around your child’s upper body so the harness is at the back. This allows you to hold onto them while they walk a few paces ahead of you. They can be found in most stores like Mothercare for around the £6 mark.
Safety kits
There are a lot of places which sell home safety kits. This is a small box with a variation of safety equipment from door stoppers, table corner cushions, plug socket covers and child proof locks for things in kitchen and bathroom areas of your home. These vary on price depending on where you go. You can find them in Argos, Mothercare, Morrisons, Asda and many more stores. If you struggle financially, you could always ask your local children’s centre if they have any. I got mine for free when I signed up to the children’s centre so you may find a similar offer.
My safety pack from Sure Start
Blind cord holder
Blind cord holders are starting to become more popular. I have a couple of them and they are a pain sometimes to work, but what they do is important. The idea of them is that they keep the cord of you blind wound up at a height so that your child can’t reach it. This minimises the chance of your baby become tangled up in the cord. I found mine in Poundland and they do the job perfectly!
Blind cord by Emmay from Poundland
Door guard/ Stair gate
These are something the majority of parents now about. It is a gate that goes across the bottom of your stairs or a door frame so that your child can’t leave that room or gain access to it. I’ve been looking into to getting one for my daughters bedroom. We’ve bought her a bed and I have been worried about her getting up in the night and walking around the house.

You can also get door guards. These are slightly different. Where as the gate opens up, the guard doesn’t so be prepared to climb over! You can get some of these which I designed to attach to the wall without screws making them great to take with you while traveling. The best example of this I can find is the Lindam Flexiguard which is available from Mothercare for £27.99
stairgate                      ld122 main
The January sales at Mothercare may be my next stop! Until next time…

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