Time management

Since starting uni, I thought I was doing really well at managing my time. I was convinced I had a good balance between being a mum, a student, a friend and a girlfriend until I got one of my uni reports back. The mark was not what I expected!
My tutor started talking to me and asked where I had gone so wrong. She asked me about when I did my work at home and when I get on with everything else. She then asked that question all mothers hear…

“And when did you last get a good nights sleep?”

I had to be honest and said I had absolutely no idea. I mainly do all my course work at around 7:30/8:00pm, once Lily’s in bed and the washing up is finished (I can’t concentrate knowing my kitchen looks like a dump). I then keep going till about 1:00am. Clearly, this isn’t working.

It lead to a really interesting conversation about studying while be the parent of a really young children. It turns out she too had a young child while studying and that on one occasion, she was sat in a lecture feeding her child as she had no other option.

I’m very lucky to have not been in that position (yet) and that I have met all my deadlines, but clearly, this isn’t all that matters.

She gave me some useful tips which I think can be useful to any mum in a hectic situation!

1. Do work little, but often
This gives you a chance to chill out for a bit and also give your brain a rest. Over working your brain will soon make any work you do slip in quality.

2. Alway have a bottle of water with you
Keeping yourself hydrated is an everyday thing we should all do, but when your working and doing a lot during your day, it’s even more vital.

3. If you need help, ask 
There is no shame is saying you’ve taken on a bit too much. I think this is where I went really wrong. So many people offer to help me out with looking after Lily, but I feel a little bit like a burden or feel like I’m intruding on their life a bit. Tell your boss/ tutor or whoever when you’re struggling. They may have some suggestions on how to tackle it.
Until next time…

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