Baby event time

This week I had the best piece of mail in a long time. A leaflet with the details of the Asda baby event.

Baby events are put on by supermarkets two or three times during the year. It basically means there’s a big sale on baby products.

Always take advantage of these events for two main reasons:

Future planing

If there is something you know your child is going to need in the near future, try to buy the product on sale and put it in a cupboard. For example, you can sometimes get items such as car seats, high chairs and walkers in the sales. These will always be needed at some point so why not get it while it’s cheaper?

Some of the larger items on sale at Asda

Stocking up

When ever a supermarket has an event on, I try to stock up on the essentials, in this case, nappies and baby snacks. At the moment, You can get 3 packs of Asda’s own Little Angels nappies (for more info why not read the nappy know how blog post) for only £12…that’s around 90 nappies.


This time around, I’ve also bought a load of Ella’s Kitchen cracker bites. We have a few days out coming up and these are so easy to travel with and are great snacks for Lily.


No matter what stage of life your child is at, go and have a look at what bargains you can get.

Until next time…

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