Baking with baby

There are loads of things I could do with Lily. I could take her swimming, take her to a soft play centre, the park, anything, but it’s what we do at home that I love. Most of the time this involves some sort of baking.

She loves making cup cakes. Yes she’s only one, but being involved in the process gets her excited and tires her out (all ready for that afternoon nap!). Now, as mentioned in a previous post, i’m not the worlds most talented kitchen occupier, so over the past few months, i’ve tried out a few baking packs from local supermarkets and the best one i’ve found for us has been the Asda: Chosen by you Fairy Cake mix. It came with enough mixture to make around 6-8 cakes (depending on size), but enough to not make a huge mess if Lily decides to throw to bowl everywhere.
To do this, I added all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and stirred them slightly, then allowed Lily to hold the whisk and try. She did put in a lot of effort bless her. I did help her at one stage and she found it hilarious and wouldn’t stop smiling.
Mummy’s baking bowl and Lily’s baking bowl
I then let her help scoop some of the mixture into the cup cake cases, this was less successful. The plan was for me to hold her hand and show her what to do and move her hand in the right way so she learnt. I gave her the spoon and swoosh!…off the mixture went onto the walls! Oh well, lucky we still has some paint left over to go over with it.
Asda’s Chosen by you Mix that we use regularly.
If you want to try this at home, I suggest seating your child in their highchair and then placing the mixture, bowl etc on to the tray. That way it’s easy for them to reach when they are allowed to but also means they aren’t running around your kitchen!
Until the next messy time…

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