Five things to carry with you as a mum!

Since having my daughter, I have found that just going out of the house to get some milk is like a military march. You have to be super organised and having every eventuality considered for that 20 minuet walk.

I have come to the conclusion, that there are five absolute must have times for when you leave the house as a parents:

Baby Wipes
Even if you don’t give them a snack, or a drink, or you keep them in their pushchair, your child will find a way to get dirty. I’m not sure how Lily does it sometimes, it’s like dirt just gravitates towards her.
I had one really horrible afternoon when Lily was about 4 months old. Her dad was at work and I decide to brave a walk around the village. Half way around, I could see Lily’s white tights turning a strange colour. I got to a suitable place to change her and behold! Not a single nappy in her bag! We had to walk about 45 minuets back home and she was not a happy bunny.
Don’t make this mistake!!
A Travel Toy
Travel toys are the ones that can clip on to car seat or pram handles. These are a god send on any journey. You can never determine what sort of mood your little one will be, so always keep one to hand. Personally, I have one which just stays permanently attached to the pushchair, saves time running around trying to find one.
Sippy Cup
Always have some water handy for you child. When my daughter is getting agitated on the bus, this normally clams her down for a while. Always take water. That way, you can buy another drink in town if you wish and you don’t have to find somewhere to rinse the cup out!

You’ve got all your baby must haves, your purse, you travel into town, have a great day shopping to get home and find you can’t get in because through the window, you can see your keys are on the coffee table! I have done this more than once and it’s painful.
The first time, I had to get my boyfriend to come home and let us in, the second time, I had to climb over the bars to get in through the outside door, losing my dignity as I went.
Until the next time I leave something at home…

4 thoughts on “Five things to carry with you as a mum!

  1. Great list and some great advice!! Oh that dread situation when you don’t have a nappy to hand!! I’m not going to lie I’m glad those days are well and truly over now! Think everyone should keep a list like this and go through it before leaving the house. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky


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