As a family, we recently took a trip to Cardiff to meet up with some friends of mine. During lunch they suggested we visit a science museum…

I’m not really keen on science museums but this one was apparently different and fun, so I thought why not, let’s try it and it was so much fun! There was no walking from room to room, looking at pictures or things in jars. It was just two floors packed with fun and interactive games demonstrating basic science.

IMG_2635                   IMG_2637

I struggled at school and at the age of 21, I still find myself confused and puzzled by some basic elements of science and I found the place really interesting. Lily loved trying out all the different games. She especially enjoyed the water ones. She came back through to her dad and I with my friend soaked through, but smiling so much!

There was one section of the exhibits inside a darkened section. Inside was a machine with a dry smoke machine inside it on a constant flow. the children were allowed to interact with the smoke to see how it felt and acted. There was also a section to see what happens when different electrical currents are joined together.

It really is a place that is accessible for everyone. There were about four children there in wheelchairs and they could move around the rooms easily. It also wasn’t very expensive. An adult ticket is £7 and £5 for children aged 5-16 (this includes a voluntary donation to charity and under 5s go free!).

IMG_2600                 IMG_2603

This was excellent value for money. They currently have their cafe area and shop closed, but the centre is only a small walk from a road of restaurants and bars.

Until next time…

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