The big girls bed

This week, Lily moved into her toddler bed and I must admit, I was emotional. There was something slightly heartbreaking about dismantling her cot and watching her walk to her bed.

I think what was hard was having to admit she’s not my ‘baby’ anymore and reloading she’s a walking toddler who can talk, just not in English yet!

Right, on to the technical side! We’ve been lucky enough to have been given a bed by a friend who no longer needs hers and she was lovely enough to provide a mattress as well. The problem we had was making sure she would be safe.

She’s the type of child to stand up using the cot bars and shake at them until someone hears her. To tackle this, we bought a Lindam bed guard for about £5 on a local Facebook selling page. I would highly recommend them as you can find some amazing bargains for nearly and as new products.

This guard slides in under the mattress so that you child can’t just fall out of the bed. They come in the conventional blue and pink colours. We have a blue one for Lily as I’m not the type of person to care about such details.

We also purchased a stair gate from Mothercare (during their new year sales!) which has been a little fiddly to fit, but does the job perfectly. I think when moving your child into a toddler bed, there are a few things you need to consider:

1. Is the room safe? Check for open plug sockets, breakables etc.

2. If they do get out of bed, where can they get? We’ve made sure Lily’s room is safe, the put the stair gate I her bedroom door so she can’t leave and wander to the bathrooms.

3. Are they ready? Some children settle better in a bed than and cot and some don’t. It’s a decision that needs to be thought through.

This has been a big step for us. I think where Lily is small for her age, we forget that she isn’t a baby anymore and looking back, she’s been ready for a toddler bed for a long time!

Until next time!


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