The word ‘no’ has entered Lily’s rapidly improving vocabulary! I turned to ask her to eat her dinner last night and she turns and says “hhmm no”. Okay then, when did this happen?. She kept repeating it every time I asked.

Now on this occasion, I have no idea what to do. Do I cook something else? Do I ignore her hoping she just eats it? Do I keep asking?…I AM CLUELESS!

I decided to just keep trying. We carried on with this for about 45 minutes before I couldn’t take it any more and the food had gone cold. Result, one naughty girl in bed early and one mummy shattered.

I did feel slightly guilty for making her go to bed with hardly any food being eaten but maybe she’ll eat all her dinner tonight so she doesn’t have to again. Who knows?

Until next time…


One thought on ““Hhhmmmm…No”

  1. This is definitely an area you don’t want to get into a battle with your child! My attitude was they are not going to starve themselves but they also have to know you can’t cater every meal to exactly what they might want! Sounds to me like you handled it quite well and have nothing to feel guilty about…IMHO. 🙂


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