Start-Rite with your child’s shoes

Today I became one of the parents to follow in the footsteps of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and invested in a pair of Start-Rite shoes for my daughter.

Start-Rite shoes have been popular with parents for generations. My sisters and I all had them as children and my mum is adamant that they are the best.

At £36, I chose to buy the Jo navy shoes which can be seen in the Royal Robes blog. They look incredibly smart and hard wearing. The sole is thick and provides good, stable support for the feet. They also feature a smooth buckle which keeps them on the foot well.

As walking is still a new thing for her, she does trip up quite a bit, especially on an uneven surface. I took the shoes of her today and was amazed to find no scuff marks or scratches on them. Her old shoes were covered in them after a couple of days.

They also look beautiful and stylish and really round off an outfit. I’m a big fan of dressing Lily in dresses and she has a navy, front button coat (Boots mini club) which looks like an old Victorian school girl coat.

I purchased the shoes straight from the Start-Rite website, but did pop in to a local shoe store before to have Lily’s feet measured. Always get your child’s feet properly measured as poorly fitted shoes can be damaging to your child’s feet.

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