Clothing Costs

I spend way to much money on clothes, and this is just for Lily. She always seems to be growing out of something that needs replacing. This is a problem for most parents and it caries from child to child how quickly they grow. So what can be done to help minimise the cost? Well, there are a few solutions to this problem:

Buy bigger
This always seems to be easier for parents with daughters. I know that with Lily, there are some tops that i’ve bought a couple of sizes too big so that they can be used as dresses. This is a great solution. You do need to make sure though that the top looks good as a dress. This tip doesn’t work with shoes! Always make sure your child has correctly fitted shoes.
This outfit of Lily’s has been a dress, top, long top and most recently, a swimming top!

Places like Asda will usually do multi packs of clothes. This is a bundle of the same item in its basic form. For example, you can buy a pack of three, plain white vests for the price of one colourful, patterned one. These are always good to buy at just one size bigger for added value. You can get multi packs for a lot of newborn essentials such as vests, bibs, muslin cloths and onesies. They’re also a good way of just getting more for less money.

Second hand
I know I have a cupboard full of old clothes and plenty of other mums will too. The problem is you just can’t keep everything. I have a drawer of clothes that I want to keep and a draw of clothes that, once full, I will offer to friends. I usually offer them for free as I personally am just happy they’re getting used. I know a few of my friends just ask for the petrol money for theirs. It’s a great way of saving everyone money and freeing up storage at home.
You can also pick up great deals for children’s clothes on selling sites such as Ebay and on Facebook. I know on my local selling site, people offer large bags of baby clothes, in various sizes for as little as £5. This tip also works well for baby toys.
One of my Facebook selling posts to free up storage and help others.
Until next time…
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