Valentine’s Day

We all know having children means that going out is a rare occasion and Valentine’s day is one of the hardest times to go out.

The main reason for this is lack of baby sitters. I know all of my ‘go to’ baby sitters are couples who will also want to go out. So what can you do at home to still make the day special?

Night in meal deals
A lot of the major super markets do these now, I know Tesco and Marks and Spencer a really popular options. The idea is that you pick your starter, main, dessert and a bottle of wine (or soft drink) from a list of options and your charged about £10 (some shops less some a bit more). These meals are normally simple and easy to cook and are just as good as heading out to a restaurant. These meals can also be a great way to have a special meal during any date night.

Movie Night
I know that in our house, movie nights are popular as they aren’t hard to arrange. All you need is a good film, PJs, duvet and some snacks and you’re off! Asda sell some great dips to have with some large bags of crisps which last a couple of days and are great for sharing. You could also make it a bit more movie authentic with some popcorn.
This is always a great way to relax if you have a newborn and aren’t feeling up to leaving them yet.

Pamper night. 
If you just want to relax together, a good pamper session works well. Get a few candles, run a hot bath and just soak. You could also buy a few little extras like home face masks and or nail varnish kit to make you both feel a bit special. Montagne Jeunesse do a whole range of face masks with one to match practically every type of skin from oily to dry.

These are all things you can find down your local high street.

Happy Valentines day!
Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Another great post! Definitely some good options for indoors date options for Valentine’s Day. Or any day really. I’d much prefer to watch a film and cuddle than go out anyway


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