Ready, steady, bake!

I have to talk about what I witnessed last night on my TV. The Great Comic Relief Bake Off started with Joanna Lumley, Lulu, Dame Edna and Jennifer Saunders taking part and oh my god, I nearly fell off my sofa laughing!

In the first task, the girls had to make a simple shortbread biscuit (sounds easy enough) but they managed to make this the most complicated task on the planet. Jennifer Saunders made her biscuit in the shape of a slice of toast saying that she was aiming her biscuit at students. She also had the word ‘toast’ spelt out in the dough. To really make it complete, she added sides of bacon and coated the shortbread in syrup to give it that breakfast touch.
This years bake off celebrities! (Love Productions)
This years bake off celebrities! (Love Productions)
Dame Edna was a hilarious genius throughout stating extremely obvious facts and appearing to have absolutely no idea what to do in a kitchen. After her disaster in the first task of baking the biscuit to the aluminium dish, she attempted to build the Sydney Opera House in the final task which (very) surprisingly turned out well (-ish).

Lulu was a welcome gift to this show. In tasks one and two, she excelled ahead of the competition making a shortbread piece in the shape of a dog and made some beautiful fruit tarts in task two. Though, in the second task she did confuse her recipe by using the egg white instead of the yolk. Come the final task, it was as if she had swapped places with the dame. Lulu attempted to level off her cake on top of a surface with a hole in the middle of it (you can see what’s coming) and the looked on in shock as her cake collapsed through the hole!

Lumley was the 50/50 option out of the four. She had moments of pure baking genius and would then quickly move to baking silliness. She had one moment where instead of adding tablespoons of coco, she add tablespoons of COFFEE to her bake.

I don’t want to giveaway the final result, but if you have some spare time before Wednesday (next episode airs then) then catch up with it on BBC iPlayer. All four women were too funny to miss! You can also head over to the Comic Relief website .

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Ready, steady, bake!

  1. Awesome!! I do have this on record to catch up with!! Will definitely put this at the priority list to watch now!! Thanks for linking up with us for the #bigfatlinky!


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