Childs Farm shampoo & conditioner

This week I picked up the latest issue of Mother & Baby magazine, inside, there were some sample bottles (50ml 1.7 fl oz) of the Childs farm shampoo and conditioner. I’ve heard a great deal of mums talking about these at various baby groups and thought ‘okay, let’s see then’…I have been impressed!

They have a really nice smell which reminds me of an old sweet shop and it doesn’t over power you, an issue I have found with some products. You also only need to use a pee sized amount on your child’s hair and washes out easily.

The conditioner is brilliant. My daughter has really curly hair and it is normally all over the place, but since using this, it has been quite tame and also really soft. This in turn has made it easier to comb and brush each day.

The main reason I have wanted to try this is because it states how it’s suitable for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema (which my daughter is highly prone too) and so far, my daughters skin has looked less irritated and sore. She has also been scratching at it less which has helped her skin heal quicker.

I have found the cap tricky though. On these sample bottles, it’s a push down, flip lid which snaps shut. On both the shampoo and conditioner bottles, this is really stiff and takes two hands and quite a bit of strength to shut it again. Other than this, the products have been amazing.

Childs farm products are available in most Boots stores for around £3.99 for a 250ml (8.4 fl oz) bottle and are suitable from newborn upwards. In my opinion, this is a worth while investment and is a great option for babies and children with sensitive skin.

Until next time…

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