Arts and crafts

The past week has been full of rainy days where I live and it’s become a monumental challenge to keep Lily occupied for anytime at all! She loves colouring with her crayons and likes to sit in her highchair with something to do, so on a little trip to Morrisons this week, I picked up an arts and crafts box for her and it has been a greta investment!

In the children’s toys aisle, the Kids Projects: My Craft Box really stood out for me. It has bright, primary colours on the packaging and is a good size. I was cautious over the price (£5) but this includes:

22 pipe cleaners
10 glitter pom poms
2 A6 envelopes
14 google eyes
15 assorted colour straws
2 card paper rolls
25 foam stickers
150 EVA squares
50 pom poms

and another 37 items on top of that!

The box states that it’s suitable for ages 4+. Lily is 17 months old but with adult supervision, it has been fine and I think all the different textures and elements of the contents has been great for stimulating and building her senses.

It’s also easy for you to get involved too. There is an instruction sheet with some guides on what can be done with the tools available, but I found we had more fun making it up as we went along. We also found that you can easily add to the box as well. We have loads of old toilet roll tubes, paint and brushes around our home so decided to use these too.

These really are a great help for the half term week, especially if, like me, you don’t drive or don’t have the money for large trips out. Keep an eye for more on this, as we’re nowhere near finishing with this craft set.

Until next time…

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