Life saving luxuries

When you have a young baby, everyone tells you about those essential items you need like a sling, baby carrier, a pushchair that has every addition under the sun, but what about those items that help when you need a bit of ‘me time’ to get things done? 

I remember feeling overwhelmed when Lily was tiny as I was never sure what to do with her when I needed do things such as washing. Do I just put her down? Can I leave her in her cot? I was clueless!

So here are my 3 must have essentials for helping you get things done!
Baby bouncers
I discovered these at a play group one afternoon and ended up getting myself one the next day! They’re an amazing addition to your baby supply haul. They’re safe seats which you can happily leave your baby in while you get a few things done. I used to have Lily’s jus outside the kitchen door where I could still see her, but still cool and clean easily.

Now you can get a basic one which just bounces gently to soothe your baby or you can get some that come white what appears to be its very own entertain my system.

I would highly recommend the Fisher Price Woodsy Bouncer. It features a really colourful design, removable and musical toys along with a 3-point safety harness  and head hugger to keep your baby snug and safe. It has a regular RRP of £44.99 but is currently included in the Mothercare sale for £33.74 which in my view, is great value given the amount of features included.
Fisher Price Woodsy Bouncer
Fisher Price Woodsy Bouncer
Travel activity arch
Lily received one of these for her first Christmas aged 3 months old and she loved it! She was given one of the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll ones and it attached to everything! It would fit on her car seat, pushchair, Bumbo seat and high chair and it would keep her amused for ages!

It attached via two screw clamps which were lined with rubber so they didn’t deny or damage the item they were attached too. It also meant lily couldn’t hurt herself on it. Another great aspect of the item was that it didn’t affect or hinder the instalment of her car seat in any vehicle.

This one, came with a couple of removable, soft toys, a mirror and a fan attached to it. The fan worked on a pulley system which encouraged her to use her hands and build up her strength.

The Tiny Love Sunny Stroll is also available in Mothercare for £15.99.
Tiny Love Sunny Stroll
Tiny Love Sunny Stroll
Play Mat
Play mats a really good for creating a soft, safe area for your baby to play. The majority of play mats come with elements to help stimulate your child’s development with areas such as had control, vision and movement.

There are two main types you can buy, the first is a flat, blanket type mat which you can lay out anywhere on your floor like a rug. These are great to take when travelling and can easily be washed after any accidents.  The second, is a circular type fusion with raised edges to stop your child rolling off. These tend to come with cross bars with different toys dangling down for then to reach up and play with.

The prices between them differ depending on where you shop and the size of the mat. One great play mat is the Chad Valley Large Baby Mat currently available in Argos. It has a large surface area for your child to explore as well as being soft and comfortable for them. It’s currently included in their sale for £18.49.
Chad Valley Large Play Mat
Chad Valley Large Play Mat

Another great item which is in the Argos sale is the Chad Valley Baby Playmate and Gym which normally retails at £19.99 and is currently in the sale for £15.99.

Chad Valley Baby Playmate and Gym
Chad Valley Baby Playmate and Gym
I’ve found these items really helpful in those early days where I was still trying to get into a routine and learn what my daughter likes and felt comfortable with.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Life saving luxuries

  1. Great 3 items. We has all but the baby bouncer. Instead we had a similar type of one that was technically a walker. It bounced as well as gave you an option for bouncing. These really did benefit us. Hope others find this useful! #bigfatlinky


  2. Why are play mats always such bright colours? babies can only see in black & white for a while. Plus, they never seem to match the curtains! Great post. Thanks for linking #bigfatlinky


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