Annabel Karmel – Mumpreneur

Mumpreneur is the latest book from cookery guru Annabel Karmel. Unlike her other books, this one is based on business, more specifically, running your own business while being a mother. The book offers practical, simple, easy to follow advice and really does encourage and inspire you to follow your dreams.

Annabel's new book 'Mumpreneur'
Annabel’s new book ‘Mumpreneur’

Near the start of the book, there is a great quote from Annabel herself which reads;

“Shattering through the glass ceiling with a changing bag over your shoulder is no longer limited to the realms of fantasy”

This sentence by its self is enough to inspire any mum to take steps towards achieving her dreams of business and success and the rest of the book flows nicely on from this. Annabel herself is a great example of motherhood mixed with business. She has built a successful, trusted and well known brand which is respected by parents all over the world.

The book has some joyful sections of information and advice from other entrepreneurs, including Myleen Klass, James Caan, Shelly Barret and Jennifer Irvine. All of these individuals run successful business, giving real depth and realism t their advice. They also share the stories of how they started and grew their businesses which is inspirational to read.

I have also found the book a refreshing read. Unlike most business books, it shows you how failure is something you shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed about. It shows you how to make failure a step towards success. Every contributor to the book talks about some sort of failure and how it lead them to learn more about their ideas and how to move on and get past that. Klass mentioned that when she started her clothing range for Mothercare, she said she had to “learn to tweak my vision”. She had designed an outfit which fitted with the range’s style, but the material could mean that “a little baby’s finger could get caught in there”. Instead of taking this as a failure, she turned into a great lesson about the safety aspect of her range.

As well as offering advice for budding entrepreneurs, the book also has some really useful resources. The back of the book has a section with more than 100 useful, online resources with sites for every idea and eventuality. The book also contains a great template for a business plan and also has definitions and explanations for some of the complicated, technical terms in business.

Over the past couple of months, i’ve had a bit of a confidence crisis with university. I  constantly feel like i’m failing and missing out on the social aspect and sometimes, like I have taken on way too much. Reading this book did give me a boost and the inspirational push I needed to carry on (I may read this a lot over the next few years).

I think for younger mums, it’s a great guide to help think about where you’d want to be in the future work wise and it really does show that working and being a mum is possible, at any age!

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4 thoughts on “Annabel Karmel – Mumpreneur

  1. She is such an inspiration. I would love to set up my own little business..but haven’t the funds or the experience. Hopefully one day my dream will come true. Best get buying that lottery ticket though!! 😉 #bigfatlinky


  2. Great post. It’s inspiring to see and something that I know a lot of people especially parents would want to achieve. I know it’s something that I want to achieve. I run my own business teaching from home. It’s never going be big but the want and enjoyment of having that definitely makes me want to push and be an entrepreneur. #bigfatlinky


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