Coursework madness!

When is this meant to get done? I have spent nearly every evening over the past couple of weeks constantly typing. That’s all I seem to do..type, reference, spell check, on repeat for hours. Does this pain ever end?

This got me thinking and researching some methods to help with coursework, something I think maybe useful to anyone who’s studying.

Avoid Caffeine

Stay away from drinks like coffee, Coca Cola, energy drinks and similar. They make you feel awake for an hour or two but they will give you a headache (especially if working on a computer) and can make you dehydrated quicker. If you need a drink, have a glass of water or milk. Fruit juice is also a good alternative.

Know what you’re doing

Don’t just sit down and go ‘this needs doing and that and this’ and so on. Take a moment at the start and look at what needs doing. Write a list of what needs to be completed when and start with what is due in first. If there is a piece you don’t understand, don’t sit there and try to come up with any old rubbish just to fill your word count. Go and ask your teacher or lecturer to go over the task again and take a few extra notes to take home with you.
Drink water or milk to keep hydrated during studying.
Drink water or milk to keep hydrated during studying.

Turn the baby monitor down

When completing my work, I turn my baby monitor down, not off so that the lights will still flash. That way, I can see when there is a loud noise like my daughter crying as opposed to hearing every little toss and turn she makes. It can be distracting and can make you panic and worry unnecessarily. If you don’t have a baby monitor, try closing your baby’s bedroom door slightly so that you can still check on them easily, but enough to have some peace and quiet.

If you’re trying to do your coursework in the day, set up a travel cot just outside the room you’re in or in the corner to create a little play pen. That way, your child can play safely while you get some work done.

Take regular breaks

Take a quick 5 minuet break every 90 minuets or so. This gives your brain a chance to rest and your eyes if you’ve been looking at a screen. It also allows you to walk around for a bit and will also allow you to keep focused for longer.

A regular set up on my living room floor.
A regular set up on my living room floor.
If you have anymore tips, contact us and we can get them uploaded!
Until next time…

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