Mother’s Day 2015

Once again, Mother’s Day is upon us and we get a chance to say thank you to our amazing mums! I know for one, that my mum has once again been brilliant this year. She’s coped with my drama filled family and with my incredibly sassy little girl. Over the past couple of weeks while discussing Mother’s Day with some friends, the question of where the whole celebration originates from came up. So in a similar way to our blog about Father Christmas, I thought I’d get a little info on the day. Beautiful-Mother-s-Day-Quotes Mother’s Day (formally known as Mothering Sunday) is a celebration of not only our own mothers, but motherhood in general. The celebration always take place on the fourth Sunday of lent. Although its exact origins are debated (unsure), it is a popular theory that the holiday came from a Roman spring festival that arrived in the UK when they invaded. As time has progressed the holiday has come to signify a lot of things but has always stayed true to celebrating Motherhood.  Hundreds of years ago, girls and boys who were in service (maids and servants) at the local Manor house, would usually be allowed one day of per year to go home and visit their families and this would always be on Mothering Sunday.

My mum with Lily
My mum with Lily

During Mother’s Day, gifts are usually given to the mother from her children as a thank you for everything she has done over the past year. Cake has always been a popular gift as it can be enjoyed as a family. The most popular cake of choice was a simnel cake. This is a traditional cake for the middle of lent, which is Mother’s Day as a refreshing treat during the fasting time.  A beautiful Mother’s Day poem by Robert Herrick is focused around bringing this type of cake on Mother’s Day:

I’ll to thee a Simnell bring ‘Gainst thou go’st a mothering, So that, when she blesseth thee, Half that blessing thou’lt give to me.’ Robert Herrick 1648

Mary Berry from the Great British Bake Off has her own recipe Simnel Cake here!

These days, cake is still a popular choice of gift on Mother’s Day. Even more with the popularity of shows such as the Great British Bake Off. We also now buy our mothers gifts such as days out, bath treats to relax with.

Mother's Day 2015
Mother’s Day 2015

Now we just need to look forward to Father’s Day in June (21st if you didn’t know)

Until next time…

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