Easiyo yogurt maker

This week, I celebrated my 22nd birthday! Unlike most 22 year olds, I asked for kitchen items as I am slowly trying to improve my cooking, baking and all round kitchen skills. 

My fiancé bought me a pack to make my own strawberry yogurt for Mother’s Day (not realising we needed a machine). So when my birthday arrives, he buys me the Easiyo yogurt maker from Lakeland and I have never found something so easy to follow, use and understand. Anyone who knows me will tell you that yogurt is one of my go to snacks in the day as it requires absolutely no preparation or cooking, so it’s impossible for me to get wrong!

So, to the point…

The machine and packets are produced by a company called Easiyo and have a range of products available on their website. They also have recipes available to help you make the most out of the kit.
The maker and mix!
The maker and mix!

The machine is basically two beakers. The first, is a small beaker (the clear one) which you fill with room temperature water, then add one of the Easiyo mixes and shake it (insert Taylor Swift lyrics here!).

After this, fill the larger beaker (white one) with boiling water all the way up to the rim of the red insert. Then, place the smaller beaker inside, pop on the lid and just leave it for 12 hours. After this process is finished, i’ve found that giving the smaller beaker containing the yogurt another shake for a minuet and leaving it in the fridge for about half an hour really helps give it a bit more of a thicker texture, which I personally like.
The smaller tub with the added water and mix.
The smaller beaker with the added water and mix.

For my birthday, I also received a Lakeland gift voucher (I genuinely love this shop!) so went to see what else they had for the Easiyo machine. Answer, loads! I found a really good box of extra jars; two more of the smaller beaker provided with machine and two smaller ones for storing and travel. These aren’t really essential, they just allow me to keep making more yogurt and store a lot more. Lakeland are also selling the multipacks of mixes and flavoured toppings as well as offering the mixes at buy one get one half price!
The extras I purchased at Lakeland.
The extras I purchased during my trip to Lakeland.

This pack came with an Easiyo cookbook which is full of recipes to make the most of the yogurt maker and there are just so many to choose from. It ranges from cake fillers to party dips and has a recipe for every occasion possible.

This machine is great. I like that I can make it up in the morning when I wake up and it will be ready in time for dinner. I often give Lily yogurts after dinner or as a snack when it’s hot. I’ve also found that when Lily is poorly, yogurt is one of the few things she will eat so for us this is great investment. She also loved being able to get involved. She can help tip the mix in to the beaker and also loved trying to shake it after.

The packs by Easiyo make around 1KG/ 1L of yogurt and cost £2.99 which I think is good value for money and as before, they’re currently on offer at Lakeland. 
The strawberries and cream mix used in the first batch!
The strawberries and cream mix used in the first batch!

Take a look at the Easiyo yogurt maker and all its extra on their website easiyo.com! Until next time…

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