Easter party

This Easter weekend, Lily, Matt and I headed down to Canterbury Baptist Church for their Easter party. For those of you who often read my blog, the Baptist church held a similar event at christmas which Lily and I really enjoyed and had a great afternoon at, so jumped at the chance to head to this event.

Once again, there was such a warm welcome when we arrived and this time, I noticed some familiar faces of people who also attended the christmas party (makes things even more lovely to know people). There were also a lot of people from the church’s regular congregation which gave the room a really relaxed atmosphere which made us feel at home.

Entering the main building, there was a warm welcome from a few children there before us. Walking into the main room, we saw the large crafts table which Lily ran too! She loves colouring in and sticking things so was right at home and got stuck in. Herself and a girl sat next to her seemed to be having one of the best conversations in ‘child speak’ and started sharing and helping each other. As more and more children turned up, this group of sharing and conversing grew and grew. The range of materials available was also amazing. There was something for every age such as textured material for younger children to stickers and glue for older children. The aim of the craft section was to create a mask. There were three different options available; a chicken, a lamb or a bunny, pretty traditional Easter animals. By the end of the day, Lily had taken it upon herself to create four lamb masks.


The craft section went on for about 5-10 minuets (depending on when you arrived) before an epic countdown with music appeared on the wall. After this, the children and adults were split into five teams for a series of games including a bunny hop/ chicken run relay race. This was beyond cute when the children took their turn, yet equally hilarious when the adults stepped up to the challenge! The games also included the classic egg and spoon race involving a precious Cadbury cream egg plus a traditional Easter egg hunt. After each game, the winning team won little chocolate eggs and one team were lucky enough to win twice!

Race time!
Race time!

We also played musical statues. This was a bit challenging for Lily as she doesn’t quite understand that she needs to be really still when the music stops, but still enjoyed her time dancing and also helped her exercise a bit before the mountain of chocolate she received on Easter Sunday.

The afternoon then moved on to some meaningful activities. The first was to create a drawing of a precious egg. This was to symbolise where the tradition of giving eggs at Easter started, something which was new for me to learn as well as the children. We also watched a short video about the story of Easter; the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. You could tell that the older children were really engrossed in it as well as a large number of the adults, something which was a positive result for the organisers. After this, we were treated to a short role play of the Easter story but with a modern twist. This really helped me understand the story a bit more which will help me teach Lily about Easter as she gets older.

To sum up this afternoon, I’d have to say that once again, it was beyond lovely! Apart from a few little tantrums from Lily (early terrible two’s setting in!) it was a great way to spend some quality time as a family, but to also venture out and meet some more families in our local area.


If you’re ever in the Canterbury area, see what events Canterbury Baptist Church are running. They are always really nice and welcoming and make you feel a part of their community form the start. There’s none of the awkward standing around waiting for some one to talk to you, but be prepared to join in with the children!

Until next time…

More pictures from a fun afternoon!

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3 thoughts on “Easter party

  1. Such a great post. You really captured the event well. We are part of a church in Chester and I would be chuffed if somone had a wrote a post about a party i’d help organise. Will defo check them out if I’m ever in the area.

    Glad you had a good Easter.

    Beautiful blog.


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