Just me and my girl

Over my Easter break, Lily and I had a couple of days out, just me and her, and it was amazing! Since starting university back in September, I rarely get to spend the whole day with her like I used to and I have missed it. The last day out we had just the two of us, she couldn’t walk, barely spoke and just wasn’t interested. This time, it was all different…

We live locally to Canterbury and I remember visiting the Roman Museum there when I was a child. It’s small and ideal for children who a learning to be more independent. From the minute we got there, Lily loved it. The museum started with a large map of Canterbury as it would have been during the Roman era. We had fun pointing out where all our favourite places now would have been (well she may not have understood) and if there was anything still there. It was amazing to learn how much a city can change yet remain the same!

The next section was brilliant for Lily. There was a life-size living room leading to a kitchen, that was designed to look like a typical Roman house. As we were the only ones there (we got there when it opened), we had fun playing peek-a-boo round the corners of the house. It also meant that Lily could take her time looking around. She loved finding the chickens, hiding under the tabled looking at what the different wax work people were doing. I was also surprised that she recognised some of the kitchen equipment such as pots and pans.

As we travelled around, we found some really good exhibits. I’m a huge fan of history as it was one of the few subjects I was good at while at school, so found everything fascinating! Lily, skipped a head to an archeological dig section for children and spent a good 25 minutes digging up artefacts, looking at them and then burying them for the next users.
Dig dig dig dig.....
Dig dig dig dig…..

After this, we came across a huge wall of windows. Curious about what this was, Lily practically ran to see. On the other side was the long, beautiful remains of a corridor from the old Roman baths. It stretched out for a while which for something so old, was remarkable. It went on around the corner leading to the children’s activity section where we spent around an hour exploring the room.

The first thing we tried was the ‘create your own mosaic’ board. This was a large, magnetic board secured to the wall with line patterns engraved onto it. Below, was a small tray of magnetic tile pieces which you could then stick to the board to create stunning mosaics of your own. Another great thing about this was that it wasn’t to high up on the wall, meaning Lily could easily reach and be left to do what she wanted.

In the activity room, there was a large stand with trays of artefacts. These were aimed mainly at school trips that come to visit, but were just as much fun to look at just the two of us. It was a great way of teaching Lily to be delicate with things. Explaining to her that they were breakable and delicate was quite hard, but showing her how to handle them helped.
IMG_3762_2                                IMG_3763

Looking back, it was a really great trip which was wonderful. Visiting with Lily reminded me so much of my trip there with my granddad that it made me cry a little!

Take a look at their website for more details on how to visit!

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Just me and my girl

  1. This looks great! We have Romans coming up in Home School soon! So will definitely remember this so we can go there! Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky


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