The Baby Show: Preparations

Next month, the Young Mummy Survival Guide is heading to The Baby Show at the Birmingham NEC and I’m in two minds about the event.

First, it’s a great opportunity. I’m currently studying for a degree in PR and marketing and I would  love to work with some of the big brands that will be exhibiting there. Also, I’m a huge shopping fan, so discounts, new products and access to more stores than I normally have is perfect. Second, I’ve only been blogging since October! I feel a bit like a small fish in a gigantic pond of blogs that have writers who are a lot better! So, realising this, I decided to be the most ultra prepared blogger known to mankind! Being prepared for something like this could be useful to anyone heading to an event like this. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Promotion materials – Studying PR and marketing, I have learnt about the power a business card can have. If you keep it simple with the right information, it will work a charm and the phone calls will come flooding in, make it over complicated, then I wouldn’t bother! It has been my first experience of making  promotional materials for the Young Mummy Survival Guide and it has been an interesting one. Deciding colours, styles, wording and so on. I did have a great time though playing with all the templates on Vistaprint. I highly recommend them!

New flyers and cards from Vistaprint
New flyers and cards from Vistaprint

Research – This is useful to anyone who’s looking a baby stuff in general, not just visiting a show. If you’re expecting, research what you still need to buy. For example, if you know you still need to find that perfect pram, research the ones you like the look of at home. Create a list of two or three that you really like and feel would meet your needs and take it with you. You can then spend time, testing those particular products and seeing which one works with you the best. There will also be representatives there from the brand who will be able to answer any questions you have and can also demonstrate the product to you.

Over the past few weeks, I have been researching all of the big brands new products and looking at some new and upcoming brands which I’m excited to see. I loved looking for a pram while pregnant and still love looking at them and trying them, so look out for me on the test tracks!

Talks – The Baby Show has talks from leading experts on topics such as weaning and sleeping. Annabel Karmel is one of the leading voices in weaning and her cook books really helped me make sure Lily had a good diet, as well as teach me some basic cookery skills. I know her talk is top of my list for some more ideas. They also have talks from sleep expert Jo Tantum. I have friends who sware by her techniques so maybe she can help you!

I’m excited to see all the different stands at The Baby Show

As part of our preparations for The Baby Show, here at the Young Mummy Survival Guide, we’re offering you the chance to win one of TWO pairs of tickets to their event at the NEC Birmingham, running from 15-17th May 2015. To find out how you can enter, click here!

see you there!

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