Summer time!

Summer is finally here and this week we took the chance to have a family picnic before the hectic work season for Matt really takes off, and we were not the only ones to do so!

We took a lovely walk down to the village where we live and headed over to the sports field/ play area and there were already a lot of families there. It was great to see everyone out and about and to see our local shop full.

In our village, there is a good community spirit. There is a Facebook page listing everything that goes on and where local residents share concerns, achievements and more and it’s nice to know that’s there. It also means that when we do head out, there are people we know and it always adds a great atmosphere to the place.

We found a lovely little spot in the shade to lay out our picnic and drinks and it was such a beautiful afternoon. It also gave us a chance to try out Lily’s new sun cream.

We were sent a sample of The Sun Mousse about a week ago and I had heard a lot about this for  a while before hand. Lily’s skin is really prone to eczema and we have struggled to find sun cream and moisturisers that don’t irritate her skin.
My sample!
My sample!

The Sun Mousse is the FIRST that we have tried that hasn’t irritated her skin. It wasn’t blotchy, dry, flakey or sore… nothing. I was in shock. It was also so easy to apply. Now for those of you who use hair mousse, you will know that when you spray it on to your hand, it expands and this cream does exactly the same, so you don’t need to put a lot on. I also have sensitive skin and I usually find my skin reacts as well when putting products on her and it was such a nice change to not be in pain after applying sun cream. It also doesn’t leave behind a smell or residue over your hands. I guessing this is really useful at the beach as you don’t want sand stuck all over your hands!

The Sun Mousse also states that it offers 6 hour protection. We were outside for around 3 hours and I never felt the need to top the sun cream up and the next morning, her skin was fine. If anything, it looks a lot better than it has done in recent months.

Now, we all love a product that is a perfect fit for a child, but, the numbers are just as important…

The Sun Mousse comes in the SPF options of; 20,30,50 for adults and 30, 50 for children. It’s available for the whole family which for us is a great bonus. It retails at £17.99. Now for sun cream, this could be a little expensive, but after trying so many on Lily’s skin that don’t work anywhere near  as well as this one, I personally think it’s a fair price. It does what it says on the tin…and not even I can argue with that!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Summer time!

  1. Thanks for sharing this, we just put a coloured one on Teddy so we could check we hadn’t missed any spots and it died my wives hands blue!!! Think we should give your choice a go instead #bigfatlinky


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