Potty training: Part one, the start!

How do you teach your child to use a potty? I have spent what feels like months, researching different methods and solutions to this problem and I am more confused than I was before I started.

Potty training is the stage I think most parents wish would just happen overnight, all by its self and I know I feel the same way. Every theory says the same “wait till your child shows interest in using the potty”…but what does this actually mean!

We’ve had a potty in our bathroom now for about a month and a half. At the start, Lily liked sitting on it when either myself or her dad were using the toilet (bit weird I know). I thought this was a good sign. I was also receiving reports from her nursery that she had been choosing to sit on the potty there just casually as if getting ready  to use it. Surely this means she is ready?

So I went down to Mothercare and bought a potty and a seat that you put on top of your ordinary toilet seat. This is because I have heard that some children prefer to use an adult toilet straight away compared to a potty.

The princess potty.

We started with a process which a few people I know have tried and popular lately which is to periodically put your child on their potty and leave them for 15 minuets and repeat. You’re also meant to not putty a nappy on them. All this resulted in was a went carpet, tired parents and a grumpy child who now HATES her potty.

I tried again while my mum was visiting. I came to the conclusion that she’s potty trained three children so she must know what she’s doing. She told me to sit Lily on her potty, in front of her favourite TV show or movie (maybe not the most welcomed method for some) and she did it! One really big wee and it was the most amazing moment of my day!

Lily’s toilet seat from Mothercare.

She hasn’t sat on it since though. Do I carry on with this method? I may have to. My mum pointed out that as she learns to use the potty, you move it back into the bathroom. Also, to put knickers on her so that she feels when they’re wet as this will apparently irritate her so that she learns to use the potty to avoid that feeling.

This adventure feels like it will be going on for a while yet so look out for more posts…

8 thoughts on “Potty training: Part one, the start!

  1. i can’t offer any advice I’m afraid, I’m too scared to tackle potty training at the moment.

    Miss S will sit on it and will wee/poo on it occasionally, but if you take the nappy off all hell breaks loose and she will act like the potty is poisoned if you keep trying to put her on it.

    I’m just hoping one day she’ll just decide to be potty trained (she has three friends who have done that in the last few months). Or else I’ll just have to bite the bullet once she turns three and hope it works out ok.

    good luck in the trenches!


  2. We’ve been at this stage for weeks! Not rushing it and he’s not very good at telling us when he needs to go but he does use it. He was using the potty but he likes to use the big boy toilet now! He still has yet to do a wee at nursery though! It’s not easy but we are progressing slowly!! #bigfatlinky


  3. I just used to bring my lady quite regularily when we started and reward her with little jellys if she went sucessfully. I also stopped and sat with her after she went for a pee and tried to get her to remember/talk about where the feeling was in her belly that told her she needed to go pee, this seemed to work quite well, we had two accidents but after a week it was pretty much done and dusted. Poos though, a different story altogether. #bigfatlinky


  4. I tried so many different ways to do this with both my boys. My only advice is to not push it. Try and attempt it every time. My two both just wanted to when they were ready. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there next week


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